February 3, 2010

Harry Reid to John McCain: Get over being a loser, loser

McCain is a petty, vindictive old fuck living in the past, says the Senate Majority Leader.

Appearing on a Nevada news show, Reid said that McCain has become "a great name-caller," a petulant vicious old codger, a peevish antediluvian and a stinky old poopiepants who’s still smarting over his disastrous loss.

The election's over. He should leave Barack Obama alone. John has no reason to be the way he is," Reid continued. "But he's become very, very -- kind of opposed to everything."

Reid suggested that some presidential election losers "have come back and become great statesmen" -- citing Democratic examples like Al Gore, John Kerry and Jimmy Carter.

Suggesting that McCain should follow those examples, Reid said, "I just think he's gotta get over this and move onto something else before what’s left of his brain combusts. What a fucking crank."
Well, mostly.

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