February 12, 2010

Old man yells at snow

Bad weather forces crabby old geezer to make crank calls, look up Victorian-era porn on internet tubes.

Sen. John McCain (R-Hurrrrr) said he was snowbound, crazy and hornier than a two-tailed jackrabbit when he called into Fox Noise on Wednesday night.

McCain was in Washington DC obstructing shit when he got trapped by the snowfall that blanketed the city.

“I’m snowbound and going crazy!” McCain told fellow psycho Sean insHannity. "I think about those old trappers that used to winter over, I don't know how they did it."
Dude. They were trappers. They had plenty of “beaver” with them. **giggling**

“We didn’t have record snowfalls when I was being tortured by the Cong!,” he bleated before hanging up.