February 15, 2010

Palin blasted for lack of transparency, brains

But… but… teleprompters!

Palin is again refusing to allow cameras and photographers to record her public events. Palin is scheduled to speak in Florida at two separate events next month. The events require an attendee to purchase a $250 or $150 ticket and the press are not invited. Palin also barred the press from many of her book tour appearances.

It is possible Palin is attempting to prevent another "telepalmter" incident. Cameras caught Palin consulting crib notes written on her hand during the question and session at a recent teabagging party. Her use of a teleprompter was conveniently ignored.

Palin also is refusing to disclose what she is doing with the $100,000 speaking fee she received from the Tea Party Convention. Palin promised that the money would go to conservative causes but has not actually said what that means. Talking Points Memo has pressed Palin for details and she has thus far refused to provide any answers. Previously money from Palin's political action committee have been used to buy her own books.