February 3, 2010

Party of No says yes to terrorism

Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter: the GOP would rather we all die horrible, fiery deaths than show one iota of support for the President.

”I think they're [Republicans] in a place now where they just want to hurt Obama. What they don't get - and I wish they would look into their souls a little bit - if they convey, over and over again, that the President of the United States is weak, what does that do? It emboldens the terrorists. And I don't say that lightly. [snip]

“The only detainees from Guantanamo who have been released and who have returned to terrorism in their home countries were released under President [sic] Bush. So far there has not been one case of that happening under President Obama. So, this line is a bunch of hooey, and they have to stop saying it, and the onus now has to be on them for why they're not harming us by continuing to do so.”
Why do republicans hate America?

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Suzan said...

They are the terr'ists, Maru.


It emboldens the terrorists.