March 2, 2010

Compassionate conservatism

When asked by reporters about his decision to block a bill extending unemployment benefits during the worst recession in 60 years, the Party of No’s Sen. Bunning responded with "This is a Senators-only elevator" – then proceeded to flip them the bird, stopping just short of calling their moms ‘scabby, crack-headed ho-bags’ before running in tears to the Senators-only bathroom.

Update: even his fellow repukes are pissed off at him:

Jim Bunning is losing Republican support for his single-handed decision to prevent a critical aid package from landing on President Barack Obama’s desk, with Republicans fearing the political backlash from the lapse of unemployment benefits, health care coverage, highway funding and Medicare reimbursement fees for doctors.
POLITICAL BACKLASH!! Fear it!! Oh, right, hey, Tiger Woods played golf today! And look, more killer whale pics!