March 16, 2010

How to bribe a Supreme Court Justice

The teabagger group headed by Clarence Thomas' wife raises serious ethical issues, the Duh Journal writes.

Ponder that for just a moment. The wife of a Supreme Court justice has organized a political non-profit linked to Tea Party activists whose [partisan] activities can be supported to an unlimited extent by corporations whose donations need not be disclosed to the public.

Mrs. Thomas and Judge Thomas can easily address the situation, of course. Liberty Central could simply voluntarily disclose all of its significant contributors in a manner much like, say, the Clinton Foundation. And Judge Thomas could simply recuse himself from any case involving a significant donor to his wife's (and thus his own) financial well being.

When the Times asked Mrs. Thomas about this interesting situation, she responded with the traditional right wing charge of the media imposing a double standard on conservatives.
So two wrongs make a right or something? If it was even true in the first place? Which conservative ‘core principle' is that? Jeebus, what a stupid farking c*nt.