May 5, 2010

They hate us for our freedoms

GOP, Taliban, what’s the difference?

John McInsane, who fought and was held prisoner by totalitarian commies: senile, pandering douchewipe, or palin-American?

Bonus: he’s joined by his repulsive laptoy, insufferable quisling Joe Lieberman.



Chris Vosburg said...

A Man: A Belt: An Onion:

John McCain.

big em said...

That quote from W (ie; "It's just a god-damn piece of paper" in reference to the US Constitution) STILL pisses me off when I think of it. I don't pretend to be a 'constitutional fundamentalist' like the present-day Federalists (like 'Fat Tony' Scalia imagines himself to be), but a couple of things about it REALLY grind me:
1.) The POTUS is SUPPOSED to uphold the US Constitution - - it's the FIRST official thing he pledges to do when he takes office. (Unfortunately, for guys like W it probably meant no more than a fraternity oath). You can have legitimate differences in interpretation of the Constitution - - but as POTUS you HAVE to legally uphold it! It's not an optional/'nobody-cares-about-it' thing like corporate mission statements - - it's a legally limiting document.
2.) Though it's an often-repeated sentiment, it's just SO valid: Can you just imagine.... can you imagine the YEARS (NOT days, weeks, or months - - but fucking YEARS) we would have to be reminded DAILY about it (and excoriated endlessly) if a 'Demon-crat' POTUS said something like that?? Christ, Limbaugh/O'Reilly/etc would probably use it as a logo on their shows -- and it'd be hard to argue with anyone for demanding the POTUS be impeached for stating that sentiment. But fucking W says it and the Neo-cons just ignore it or dismiss it as inconsequential!