August 31, 2010

We are still here.....this is just all we have today.....but really, doesn't this just toon about say it all about the sheer naivety of many of the sub-humanoid carbon based life forms infesting this planet?
Playing right into the best interests of our great
Real nice activism, asstwits.

Waddya YOU think?
And say high to the crankpot known as
maru while your at it.
We love u guiz


Bustednuckles said...

Thanks Undie Lib, yer the shit.
Hi Maru, I hope all is well with you my darlin'.


ThePoliticalCat said...

Dood. I'm just wondering when the hand will reach far enough up their pasty fat asses for them to feel the tickle in their tonsils. Buncha dimwitted motherfuckers.

I'm always saying hi to Maru, even if it's mostly in my mind. You should hear our conversations.

Heyo, Maru, we the people would like an update! How ya doin? How's teh BF? Kittehs? Assorted other ungodly fourfoots?

Anonymous said...

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maru said...

Dear UndieLib, thanks for continuing to post!!

I've been running around like a maniac driving various family members to dr appointments and assorted errands - my parents' car got totaled (all are ok) and the bf still can't drive. I'm catching a break this morning! Ahhhh, coffee... There are 12 deer (moms & fawns) munching acorns off the lawn, the cats are in the windows watching, and I think I hear Fox Noise in the next room blaming Hurricane Earl on Prez Obama being a Muslim...

rex said...

ain't it the sad truth?
somedays the sheer banality overwhelms one creating such a level of ennui as to resemble a coma.
but i'd take it as a personal favor if you'uns would keep on keeping on!

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