September 14, 2010

If its Sunday, its Meet the Pukes

White, male republicants dominate the Sunday talk shows. If you also count aging tranny Mitch McConnell and chorus-girl-wannabe Lindsey Graham.

Think Progress reports that bringing a "diverse group of voices” that “reflect the cultural, economic, and political landscape” of the U.S. actually means “white, male, senior, and Republican”:

[A]ccording to a new study published by George Mason University School of Law this month, the Congressional guests featured in 2009 were anything but diverse, failing not only to represent the demographics of the American population but also the diversity of Congress...

And 2010 is shaping up to be more of the same, with McConnell “again leading the pack – appearing 10 times on Sunday shows – a rate even higher than he achieved in 2009.”
That darn liberal media.