November 25, 2010

President Obama pardons two turkeys this Thanksgiving morning -- and neither one was named "Tom DeLay"!

Mwahahahaha! Happy T-day, everybody!


Anonymous said...

Hi Maru
The news that Tom DeLay was found guilty has given all of us something to be thankful for. I plan to bow my head in txgiving at din-din time this afternoon. I just hope he actually gets many peaceful years of making license plates.

Capt. Bat Guano said...

He'll make a lovely little prison bitch. And may he have many dance partners.

wangmo said...

And he gets to learn new inmate definitions of The Hammer, and Vermin Exterminator!

wangmo said...

Happy T-Day to you, Maru, and to all of your loyal snark fans!! We all have this to be Thankful for: the fact that we are NAWT Republican fukwits!!! YAY!

I sort of feel like Egon looks in his picture of him
crapped out on the couch last Caturday. *brrrrp*
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *brrp*

nunya said...


Chris Vosburg said...

Sadly, guys like Tom don't go to Federal Pound Me In The Ass Prison.

Sorry, it just don't happen. His lawyers could easily run out appeals until it stops or Tom dies, and even if it wandered up to the highest court and failed, a conviction would be to one of the low-security country club prisons, where Tom can complain about cracks in the tennis court or the cook being completely incapable of a proper white sauce.

You'll notice a silence over Congress about the verdict, and it may be because Tom's offense is not so very different than that of many of them. Campaign finance is an extraordinarily tricky business, and a single word could bring increased scrutiny--

Capt. Bat Guano said...

Damn you Vosburg, I suppose you told your kids as early as possible that Santa doesn't exist to. You can't just let us enjoy his conviction for a little while? Sheesh.

cv said...

Thanks for the info! Every one happy thanksgiving!

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Kulkuri said...

Damn, there's always someone who has to piss in the punchbowl.

I hope now that DeLay has been convicted once, that someone will "Man-Up" and try him for some of his other crimes!!

Chris Vosburg said...

Captain Bat Guano (if that is your real name) writes: Damn you Vosburg, I suppose you told your kids as early as possible that Santa doesn't exist too.

Heavens, I'd never do that. However, when I was four I did patiently explain to my parents that reindeer-powered sleigh flight was "aerodynamically impossible" (I heard the phrase on TV), to their amusement. They asked me to please not spill the beans to my older brother.

I did anyway, just to watch the bitch cry. Gee, four-year-olds can be cruel sometimes.