January 31, 2011


This should go over well.

Repugs plan to send huge amounts of money to China before paying off Social Security beneficiaries and other American citizens owed money.

The Administration thinks such a policy would be tone deaf. "Such a policy would also be unacceptable to American servicemen and women, retirees, and all other Americans, who would rightly reject the notion that their payment has been deemed a lower priority by their government," Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin added.

The top Democrats on the House and Senate Budget Committees call it a jaw-droppingly bad idea.

"WTF?? I think it is a dreadful idea," Sen. Ken Conrad (D-ND) said. "Basically what they are saying is, pay China first. Are we going to forget about the American public and the things that they need? Somehow they are secondary? And paying the Chinese and the Japanese is the first priority of this country? I don't even know how to describe it besides saying it sucks majorly stinky ass. Good fucking gravy."

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