February 14, 2011

Coming Attractions

The GOP Chainsaw Massacre

Republicans propose cutting $1.1 billion from the Department of Energy’s Office of Science, which is the nation’s largest supporter of basic research in the physical sciences. The plan calls for a $1 billion budget cut at the National Institutes of Health, the federal government’s medical research agency. The Centers for Disease Control would see its funding drop by $755 million. Agricultural research would be cut by $246 million.

The spending plan, which will go to the House floor for a vote next week, also calls for eliminating $1 billion in funding for high-speed rail projects, a program that Obama wants to spend $53 billion on over the next six years. Amtrak would face a $224 million budget cut.

Among the other cuts:

* The Department of Energy’s loan-guarantee program, which supports loans for clean-energy projects, would be reduced by $1.4 billion.
* Spending on other energy efficiency and renewable energy programs would be cut by nearly $900 million.
* The Environmental Protection Agency would have $1.6 billion less to spend, making it harder for the agency to proceed with regulations on greenhouse gas emissions.

Appropriators also hacked away at popular, less controversial programs, cutting $600 million in funding that helps localities hire additional police officers and $758 million in food assistance to low-income women and their children. Funding for community health centers would be cut by $1.3 billion, and $2 billion less would be available for job-training programs.
But don't touch our precious war machine!


Anonymous said...

Stop the Bush Wars.

BIg Em said...

They had a TV on at work in our new lunchroom -- but the bad part is that it was tuned to Fox 'News' and they were commenting on Obama's new budget. It was the predictable Fox crapola, but then they interviewed that fucking knob DONALD TRUMP for HIS opinion on this!?! The asshole who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, who has gone through AT LEAST ONE(1) BANKRUPTCY (it could be two), and who continually comes off like a schmuck from Brooklyn - - - somehow HIS opinion on national/international politics means something special!?!? I had to leave the room.... it was too inane.

Chris Vosburg said...

Three bankruptcies.

And counting.

Capt. Bat Guano said...

So, if I'm poor enough to need gubmint assistance, and I listen real closely to the GOP, what I would here is that they would prefer that I just drop dead. In fact they are trying to hasten that eventuality. So why shouldn't I do a preemptive strike and punch one of these motherfuckers first?