February 18, 2011

Priorities Biatchez!!

After voting to defund Planned Parenthood 240-185, the "concerned about out of control spending" House votes 241-148 to continue federal funding for NASCAR teams.
How quaintly surprising.


Big Em said...

Sure, gotta keep that US Empire well-armed with young guys who have no job opportunities at home, so that the services look like a GOOD job opportunity by comparison. All the better to try to rule the world with voluntary (albeit coerced) recruits rather than drafted conscripts. That's why we can spend nearly $1 TRILLION per year on a bloated, grossly-exaggerated military while we're cutting back on human needs (remember federal welfare? It had a total yearly budget of $17 BILLION per year when it was cancelled, about 1.7% of the 1 trillion figure.)

Anonymous said...

NASCAR teams have penises.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be "..quaintly UNsurprising"?