July 14, 2012


Gappy toofed Condi. I didn't know why I was hanging onto that site, except for that it always makes me laugh. But now, SHE WHO SHOULD BE in an international jail somewhere is back all over US news, and that just thoroughly disgusts me. AND it's another major international embarrassment. Where are the "round up the war criminals" people? They were wherever they were needed after WWII. What? Were the invasion and occupation and total destruction of Iraq including the murder of over 100,000 Iriqi citizens not a BIG ENOUGH DEAL?? WE can't really do much from over here in the belly of the beast, without getting charged or not and jailed or killed by government operatives en mass, or DISAPPEARED, but weren't there international people who were keen to act on principles that America ensconced even though it was some whole distant crazy idea of some honorable and educated men who started the place AND HAVE LONG SINCE DIED? Where are they? Do they have bigger fish to fry or fucking what? Bitch is IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. Someone get her and drag her gap toothed ass to the Hague and at least the the judges there take a look at her. Now here she is again. Bitch VP potential??? She has the char of burning children, Iraqi AND American all over her fucking hands for fucks sake!!! SHE LEAVES FINGERPRINTS ALL OVER THE DAMNED PLACE!!! What the hell, THAT is NOT ENOUGH? Enjoy the site! I think I'll just go throw up for a while.