July 10, 2012


I love how they made God's gun invisible in this pic!!

This is horrible. It's 12 different ways that cities and towns around the US have cut budgets, trying to make ends meet. They are simple one to 2 sentences on each pic. It's amazing and Mr. siri and I were cracking up reading these "solutions". Each and every one getting stupider and stupider with the count. We vote for #7 as the best all time GOVERNMENT FAIL!!

NOT for the first time, we deemed Jan Brewer, governor of Arizona to have pulled the stupidest move to save money for her state. "Blondie" SOLD the state capital. Yeah!! No CHIT!! And get this: the largest part to the deal, those who bought MOST of the capital are: TAAAADAHHHHHH!!! Wall Street investors, no less. And it got "bundled" into a commodity package, so no one really knows who owns it now.
LOLOL Or what part of the building is owned by say Goldman Sacks o'Shit and Skank of America or Chitty Bank. Is that like the upstairs west wing bathroom is paying it's rent to Chitty Bank, while the basement utility room's money goes to Skank of America..........or? HOW IS THIS FIGURED??? (I hope to God Matt Taibbi got ahold of this.)
And ANY ONE OF THESE THEIVIN' BANKS have the ULTIMATE NERVE to scold any of us on how we're trying to handle OUR bills and payments. All you folks in AZ sure do have a load of ammo you can use on any bill collectors calling you up these days.
This whole place (US of A) is just falling thru the holes, n'est pas???