July 28, 2012

How could anyone have anticipated..............

Because Mr. siri works on Friday nights, I tivo'd and we just watched the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics and would like to say:

Imagine my astonishment!

I was so very shocked, dazed and cornfused that the Brits actually had ANYTHING together at all! I was sure we'd see explosions, terrorists, death, destruction and athletes trippin over themselves and falling all over the stadium, causing ambulances, mobile emergency rooms and triage centers, Flight For Life squadrons, heroic rescues, fires all over Greater London, live as the venue blew up, killing thousands, including the Royal Family, James Bond and Sir Paul, surmising all the deadly destruction from the most helpful overview we got from SOME PARTY'S presidential hopeful's wise and astute observations of just a 4 minute preview of the preparations. Talk about shock and awe when it all went spectacularly, safely and perfectly in every way including the thousands of ways we never even hear of, DON'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT.


What an eternal moron from hell's outhouse Shit Robme is daily proving to be. Either he's evolving in that way in his "humanhood" or he was just flat born and silverspoon fed that way his whole greedy fuck life. Frankly, he looks and actually seems to be "somewhat", what's the phrase???....AH! Right. SPECIAL NEEDS!!! He looks Special Needs to me and his mouth is marching right along side in harmony with that suspicion.

(And how bout if we don't use this post as a next logical step and obvious link toward pointing out perceived problems and/or perceived "similar gaffs" from President Obama, hmmmmmm????? How about we apply that as a general standing policy re comments to anything I ever make or write about any rethuglican, sitting or even dead, or otherwise? EVER??? HMMMMMMM???)

Khrist on a Krispy Kreme!

Way to go!, London. You did your nation proud!!