July 7, 2012

How free ARE you?

Chris Rock.
"Happy white peoples independence day, the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks."
This place where I live is surrounded by reservations. The population count reads 1/4 of folks are all Native Americans. My mate is 100% Native and I do have traceable Cherokee blood in my line, a woman named Naomi from a few generations back. And we (my hubby & our friends), tongue in cheek, refer to the day as "fireworks day", Thanksgiving is typically called "Invasion Day", it's all in a joking manner, you get the idea. Then Rock comes right out and says it and it's funny, and it's true, and it's relevant. And it gets discussion from around the blogosphere. That's a good thing. Who doesn't laugh at Chris Rock? It's worth noting that in this case, the conquered people, population, keep a sense of humor about what happened. These are and have always been people who are easy to laugh and like to keep things light. Other minorities, maybe not so much, but everyone loves fireworks. And the love of fireworks usually over rides those other feelings of general discomfort if not total outrage at the reality of SOME folk's independence. Not all, but SOME. Thanks for the reminder Chris. The inequality within this issue needs the spotlight at least once a year. Savvy??

OH! And it's Caturday. U kickin' back with those little MASTERS of the Chillax??
*smilin' at u*