July 24, 2012


Greenland Ice and NASA scientist's mind's melt at same rate as hi res photos show the NEW Greenland. (You know. The one with NO ICE).

But global warming is a hoax, and scientists are all mindless masturbators and James Inhofe has the unique distinction of actually living in another space/time continuum than the rest of us, and is squeezing the ignorant puss from his diseased putrid vacuum where he used to house his 7/billionth of a brain, thereby polluting THAT ONE too!!!

Turdtongue Inhofe is another one who dwells very very near the top on my list of "Total Wastelands of Energy, Space and Oxygen Who Need To Be Relocated To Another Galaxy Far Far Away Immediately If Not Sooner!!", better known internationally as TWESOWNTBRTAGFFAIINS.