August 14, 2012


to be rollin' into Tampa, FL for the flyin monkey cornvention later this month. Food is already being flown in from all over the world, multitudes of warehouses have been rented and are fast filling up in anticipation of the big ROLL OUT soon to submerge major beach resorts along the Florida coastline. Yep, it's Crisco Crispy the mighty and unstoppable million man march in one humongously nasty and toxic individual. Mama's are already running with their offspring as sheer panic sets in over the horror of a personal appearance of the Jerk of New Jersey, Krisp Krispey, China and Japan have already offered to send grain and whatever else is needed to avert a catastrophe bigger and more horrifying than Katrina ever even THOUGHT of being. Watch here for more coverage, though full coverage is of course, naturally impossible for the monsterman and his conveyer belt of gluten caloric laden food stuffs and feeding tubes. Watch out Tampa. He consumes all that energy and caloric intake by spewing forth gobules and refrigerator sized chunks of GOPutritude bull shit disguised as policy. He is to the food truck what Dick (dick) Cheney was to the mobile medical emergency center for one. Ane as an extra burpeebonus, he's as nasty tempered as he is huge. WHAT FUN! Yeah! Lets invite HIM to our next party gathering!! lol
What a bunch of ignorant idiots. Wait till he starts consuming the posters and signage in search of new bodies to fill his gullet. What a fuck face fat ass. I'm SO glad he's theirs, and NOT ours!

Here it comes. Good luck maintaining a safe or any other kind of distance from he who is everywhere at one time, always. Puke face fat fuck embarrassment to the US and mankind in general!