August 13, 2012


Per THE KRUGMAN, speaking about All Rayon AKA paul ryan AKA VP Candidate nose Pick:

He's a hard-core conservative, with a voting record as far right as Michelle Bachman's [sic], who has shown no competence at all on the numbers thing.

I KNEW IT! I TOLD YA! I KNEWWWW Rayon was a hack. I just KNEW he had NO acumen re numbers, math, adding, subtracting, ANY OF IT! He can't keep a checkbook, never prolly made it thru algebra 101 and can't calculate nickles for parking meters. He's "numerically challenged" in the worst of ways. If it required math to walk, he'd be living in a fetal position on the floor of his childhood sty. He's a mathematical moron who doesn't know what a budget is and can't count on his fingers or his toes. And he is, or which naturally makes him the "architect creator" of the GOP budget to knock out the deficit and save the nation and the world for posterity and forever that's as fantasy ridden as hobbits doing porn on Magic Mountain.