November 11, 2012


Sort-of new banner, I hope you guys like it!


Tild said...

Works for me!


Love & hugs & supreme happiness to see you my dear!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I hope all is well in your personal life.

maru said...

Thank you, dear Tild! Thanks, Anon!


Reamus said...

maru!!! Welcome back, hope all is well

Anonymous said...

Maru~~!!! Happy HAPPY returns! That pic in the new banner is one of my top 3 pics from WTF, always has been!!
It's just wonderful having you back!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maru - welcome back! I love the new banner. Now if only somebody would make it a reality. Where's Batman when you need him to haul that Lard Ass away?

Anonymous said...

Love it, especially the urine stain on his trousers. This picture, the Bush as clown picture, and the ass-hat got me through the Bush II years. Oh, and you, Maru. Glad to see you back around.


m said...

you can have whatever banner you see's just good to see you back blogging.

daver said...

Nice logo. Look like all of us :-)

But it's also hard to beat Family Guy's dog with a martini (did you know it was even (inadvertently) copied by this (very) fine writer?):

You should probably keep it somewhere at least (perhaps the lower right-hand corner of the page).

maru said...

Thanks, you guys, you are the BEST!!

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