November 20, 2012

When bad things happen to sober people

Hi guys.

Spent a good part of the day visiting with the dad at the physical therapy home he's in, then stopped off at Costco for supplies... OMG, AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! Wall to wall psycho shoppers, cart jams, huge lines, no free food... AGHHHH!! I guess going shopping a few days before a holiday is a def no-no. Yipes. All I needed was butter!!

Then I get home, turn on the tube, and the first thing I see is SE Cupp.

Oh good, now the computer is smoking, and not in a GOOD way.


One Fly said...

Never heard of her before and I see she's a bit of a hottie so that makes her credible in these days.

Anonymous said...

SE Cupp is a hackjob tool and a bimbo. That HAD to be worst than a smokin' puter, me thinks! Poor babie, M!!

Big Em said...

I too was blissfully ignorant of Ms Cupp, but a visit to Wikipedia enlightened me. She was apparently a ballerina and atheist, but has become one of the darlings of the right wing by somehow contorting herself into a defender of Christians against the 'nasty left-wing liberal media' (oh, would that it were). Too bad for her she's not blond and therefore can never qualify for her own show on Fox Noise...