December 31, 2012

Liars and Thieves of The US House of Reprensible Reptiles

Is anyone drinking tonight?

I'm so pissed and bone weary of the Fiscal Fucking Cliff and the House thugs who just fucked the middle class one last time for 2012.  I have a theory, I want to check it out with the brilliant crowd who regularly peruse this place:

I think Bitch and Boner (and I think Eric Can'ter stuck his pencil dick into it as well)  decided that they were so flippin' outraged that the American people would not only put a Democrat in the White House (they THOUGHT they taught us with the Clinton fiasco), but had the utter gall and outsized balls to choose a BLACK one that, as punishment upon the electorate, they decided to make the next 4 (or 8 if the electorate can't figure it out fast enough) years unbearable, exceedingly difficult that they would totally emphasize an historic lack of any bipartisan effort as a punishment upon us, We The People.  They consciously and outwardly agreed to teach us a lesson that is that when we DARE to put ANYONE NOT WHITE MALE AND REPUBLICAN in the White House again, EVER, that our lives will taste like dirt.  They decided that this is just punishment and that they would teach us that lesson, and we'd eventually GET IT and never DARE to try such a stunt again, not if we want any form of functional government whatsoever.   And the country can be damned, while the whole world watches, that they are in charge and will be forever no matter WHO we elect.  It was a deal.  That was THE GRAND BARGAIN, and if they could, they'd haul us all out to the back wood shed and have us all whipped to within an inch of our lives so that we would never ever forget the consequences for electing anyone who is not a WHITE MALE REPUBLICAN.  I believe this is true.  I'm not being clever for comment's sake.  I actually think they did this in some form, and are doing it and will continue to do it.  It's called a "coup" when it's happens in other countries.   All they need to completely pull it off is for the US military to back them and take up arms against anyone who doesn't.

That's what I think, it's my opinion and it deserves being looked at as an actual possibility.

It might not have happened if dumbya would have been prosecuted as he well should have been.   Sending him and his fellow regime mates to The Hague first thing in 2009 would have alleviated a whole lot of bullshit from this crowd and for this nation.  AND IT STILL CAN AND NEEDS TO BE DONE, but NOW Bitch, Can'ter, Boner can go with the Bush regime to be tried for treason, and gross violation of the Constitution they swore to uphold but have instead used to scrape off the bottom of their shit stomping boots.

And I have to say this as well:  I am sad, disappointed AGAIN, and angry that MY president just let all of this happen, let them take us through this knothole backwards, stress us all out to this extent and put this burden on our backs for Christmas.  I'm pissed that he didn't, after the rousing re election we gave him, just slip on down the stairs one night, say on Christmas Eve, and gift us all with a signing statement (ala W., for whom that was just an afterthought to an average day's work), ridding us of the Fiscal Cliff threats and stress and headaches and sleepless nights, and putting several other issues permanently to rest along with it, while he was at it afterall,....And stick another economic stimulator relating to infrastructure into our collective stocking, eat a cookie and go back to bed.   We keep handing all the power in the world to him and the dems and they just let it get lost under the bed with all the other dust bunnies............We hand them a giant fucking stick with expressed instructions (called "A MANDATE") and they fuck around and see how far they can throw it, or they whittle it down to a tooth pick and argue over whose teeth get picked or they use it for kindling and light a fire in the hottest August on the hottest day on record, or they stick the stick in a corner and forget it's there.  Why?   Why can't we get DEMOCRATIC RULE with these elections???

Is anyone out there listening?  How about drinking?  Buehler?  ANYONE?

Bitch McConnell's errand boy.


One Fly said...

I agree with you Siri. So the senate passed something last night - don't mean shit and when Harkin says it's a bad deal it is. There's a screw'in involved without a doubt.

You're the only blogger I know who calls for the bush killers to be held accountable for treason. I respect that a great deal. Our side is letting these dirty bastards slide too with the worst crimes ever committed against our country.

We'll never get our way even though we are correct in what needs and should be done to move us forward as a people and a country. Gets old.

Wish you and your readers a sincere Happy New year and may it be the best one ever!!

Anonymous said...

There certainly is a lot of different undercurrents swirling around. People who's sole aim is to get re-elected. (There's good info on how redistricting and getting "primaried" is affecting this, unexpectedly) I don't disagree with them, I couldn't afford to do a job for 4 years and then be out looking for work. People who's sole aim is for the party to have power.

Wierd dynamics going on. Don't know what the answer is, but I hope non-partisan people are digging into it.

Keep up the good work.

Tor Hershman said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, Fly. I refuse to be negative on this point, I refuse to believe or acknowledge that we'll "never get what we want". I proceed straight ahead as though there WILL be an accounting one day because the American people will not stand for anything less. These are murderers and thugs who committed crimes against humanity and if I EVER were to see on of them out, in public someplace I would start screaming and pointing. Until ONE of us was hauled away. I will NEVER think of them as anything other than horrific mass murders who have not yet been prosecuted. But they will!! They WILL BE PROSECUTED!

Monisima's Life in the Philippines said...

I agree the Republicans wanna screw things up because their interest is in protecting big business. I just wish they would put the country ahead of themselves and see that what happens in America affects the rest of the world. If they can't look past their vested interests, personal pride and prejudice, everything will fall and they will be to blame for it.

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