December 21, 2012


We're WAITING!   I'm wearing my best Sunday-Go-To-Meetin' clothes, blogging from the center of my own back yard, watching the skies, keeping an eye on a compass for a shift in the magnetic field and holding a 8ball in one hand and my great aunt's rosary in the other (don't ASK me why.  I was thinking it'd be kinda cool to get to the promised kingdom with some new jewelry). 

How long do we have to wait?  When do we get to declare it too late to count?  I need a drink and some lunch, and I gotta go check email and pee.  I'll try and make it back a little later, but I have chit to do.  WHY CAN'T THESE STUPID MASS DESTRUCTION THINGS EVER BE ON TIME??!

What's the shittin' use if you gotta wait and wait and wait till you're bitchin about it?   I HATE LATE!! 

Christ.  Yeah him too, he's UNFASHIONABLY late!  These far right whacked out Evangelicals are NOT going to be in a good mood tomorrow if it get's here......there's gonna be some mighty bitchin' to be done around here and on the global scale.,..I tell you what!