January 13, 2013

Gun Metal Gray Sunday Morning.......

And it's -7 here, with temps dropping all day.

Wow.  SOME of the Sunday talking heads are focused on gun control.   Can the energy of 7 billion humans go toward making this a more civilized planet.   May the deaths of those 20 little angels speak in a roar to the conscientiousness of the 7 billion souls on this place in space!  Please!   Personally, I think some gun/ammo control would likely be a sane thing to do, but the bigger issue is the proper care and treatment of our fellow humans who suffer the constant hour by hour, minute by minute breathing horror of the living nightmare of mental/emotional illness.

 Can Universal conscientiousness move the energy of that wish?  What say you, sharp, smart and aware WTF visitors, dwellers, friends and strangers?  Where do you weigh in on this issue?

And to those whose sound and sane argument is the protection of all of us against The State, well, THAT ship has already sailed or could you have missed the message of Waco?  We'll never get drones, so fighting our own government would logically be a method of suicide, toute suite!

What say you guys?  I'm interested, I care and wonder about your thoughts and opinions.


Anonymous said...

I think that we are no longer a new country which is geographically vulnerable to attack from foreign invaders due to having a permanent standing military. Additionally, this military is well-equipped and does not need the populace to furnish firearms for use in war and uprisings.

I do not trust the states not to turn on one another, but with the existence of the standing military, that threat is not a major concern.

A firearm is no longer required for subsistence living by a majority of the people. Agribusiness and concentrated animal husbandry have removed that purpose for individual arms which existed in the 1700s.

The modern usage of firearms have become a threat within our society by individuals and law enforcement alike. The disturbances and burdens to domestic tranquility and security have become untenable weapons against our civil rights to be secure in our persons and property, and must be treated as such.

"Well-regulated" is the least condition which must be strictly applied to individual ownership at this time.

One Fly said...

We are incapable of having an intelligent conversation on important issues.

The 1% media controls and frames any "discussion". For the most part. Driftglass explains this very well.

The media have mind fucked way too many and then combine the religious mind fucking of little people who have no power against it.

And the Dims thought the tbaggers were something to be made fun of day in day out. Ya it's real fucking funny around here for sure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for turning me onto Driftglass. Never heard of "him" & will be checking him out now.
TY One Fly.

One Fly said...

I just figured everyone knew about Driftglass & Blue Gal. Their podcast on Fridays may be one of the best hours ever spent. Good stuff like you put up. Telling it like it fucking is!!