January 18, 2013


Although all of the below posts are great fun, and funny and it's just an amusement park ride watching the thugs eating alllll this shit, I DO have to make a point here, and that is:

Schadenfraud is delectable, but what I REALLY REALLY WANT is for the Democrats in congress and in the White House to, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES,  GET SOME POLICY pushed through, accomplished, and just DO WHAT THEY WERE ELECTED TO DO!!  We were NOT obtuse in our mandate when Obi was re elected and I'm tired as hell of working around a bunch of insurgents in the House Of Reptiles and having to bend over backwards to take it in the rear and make "compromises" that end up not even RESEMBLING the original agenda and having to grovel and kiss ass and STILL NOT GETTING WHAT WE WANT.

Fuck the Thugs and what they want or think or threaten or DO!!!  FUCK EM!  This nation needs strong leadership that marches and moves strongly to the left in policy and HONORS CAMPAIGN DEMANDS from the people and PROMISES from the candidates who were sent to WORK FOR US! 

We The People did not send all those Democrats to Washington so that we could have Repugntican't Rule!!



One Fly said...

Watch'em give away what's ours like in SS and the like. I hate to be like this. Colorado's two dim senators are ready and willing to do just that.

Capt. Bat Guano said...

I'm sorry Siri but most of those dems are more than willing to fuck us hard as the Repukes are. Obama is the best Repuke preznit since Clinton, he's gonna sell out us out again. I just want to hide under the covers for the next 4 years because I can't bear to watch this shit any longer.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think Hillary's any better? She didn't have my support cause I wasn't THAT inthralled with her husband's performance in the White House, and I don't trust her, I saw allll kind of backroom deals and bargains and NOT in our favor. Well, Obi's turned out to be the same. I KNEW it about HRC, took the chance on Obi. No win and NO WIN!!

Randall said...

One thing our Democrats in the Senate could do:

DON'T knuckle under when they threaten to filibuster --
make them stand there and actually filibuster --
and then put it all over the innernets.