January 17, 2013


Yesssireee, their heads are exploding all over the place and I'm just laughing my ass off!  It's just fun as hell watching rethuglicans disintegrate.  And the assholes all over the South and Texass and everywhere else are all spitting nails and trying to figure out what the fuck to do now that they threatened an all out and out civil war if Obi even TRIED to put forth ONE Executive Order and he did 21, so it's "suit up" time for them and they're all a bunch of pussy chicken hawks that are scared to death now that their "agenda" is expected to follow thru and that would mean they have to move out of mom's basement and everything!!!
and whatever it is that Maru does that is a perfect typed out raspberry, wet and everything!!!

Fucking asswipe dip shits, I hope the black ops helicopters come for ALLLLL Y'ALLLLL!  SOON!

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