March 24, 2013

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If you guys don't know Bob Cesca you need to batten down your rock, come on up and out and check out his place at over here.

Cesca is sharp, witty and really delivers the needed sledge hammer slam when needed, he's one of those "No body does it like X...............!"  ya know?  In his own personal and creatively individual way he stands out, really is worth stopping by, I go there like every other day and try to stay caught up.  He is in his own plucky way like Maru.  I can always go there when i need to laugh at something, knowing full well I will find it there, often with tearz and snot bubbles.


Bob, you rock.  And your IMDB is pretty sparkly too!

Everybody meet and/or say hello, y'all have a lot in common, truly.

Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog! Go!
Go here, do this.


One Fly said...

The old and new poops were slapped pretty good and there were some hurt feelings. Good by me!

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