July 26, 2013


Dude!  Shit!  Just be GONE.................I think he should just take off his pants on the campaign trail as well as the floor of Congress.  That way everyone can say that everyone's seen it and be done with the bullshit.
I loved Weiner.  He was an authentic very effective and totally real Progressive, was a powerhouse on the floor FOR PROGRESSIVE POLICIES.  He called out dumbya for, well, being dumbya.  Over and over and over and over..... He was truly remarkable and effective.

But it's the same damned thing here with Weiner as it was with Bubba Clinton.  I don't care about someone's side kicks or side dicks, really.  It doesn't bother or even surprise me one bit.  Just wipe off the spooge and move onto DefCon "whatever's in vogue for the day".  But when you are a total idiot in choosing your playthings, well, you cannot be trusted to rule.  I don't care how many times your wife forgives you.  And I read that some Weiner's sweet chickys were tickling THE Weinzy Weiner AFTER HE RESIGNED????  I don't want you to be in charge of anything that has anything to do with governing.  Bill picked a complete big mouthed bimbo, which I'm pretty sure were his only requirements.  And I can't see Weiners face any more without marveling at the resemblance between his dick and his nose!!  SERIOUSLY.  Have you guys (and that includes the ladies who read this blog) SEEN THAT???  omg,  If you haven't, well, it's just uncanny.  It's done totally nothing for me personally, but it sure has made me take another double take at the noses of men!  Can't help it.  WEINER did that to me.  Of course I can't prove that it is the norm, but no one can disprove it either. 

The pictures come courtesy of gossip blog The Dirty .


 There WAS a reachin' for the stars rock hard and shiny full on frontal.  I can't pull it up now, will keep looking.  I don't know WHY men want to share their dicks thruWho posted them Thursday morning claiming "New York deserves better leadership than this."photos with pride


Anonymous said...

This woman has no idea, but I (and every other woman or girl I've known over the years) - have noted that.

For some bizarre reason guys seem to expect us to be just as awed and impressed with their dicks as THEY are. I mean the fuss people make over male frontal nudity in movies, etc.

But we've all agreed, the way some people in this country carry on - they hype dicks up like they're some breath taking masterpiece.

Then, when you finally see one (it doesn't matter if it's flaccid or not) - it's such a major let down. Like - big deal, is THAT it?

Anonymous said...

Ive seen this second pic you published a dozen times, now, and I still can't make it out. Did the camera slip out of his hands? and he photographed a wet diaper? Just sayin'

siri said...

For me it's the dirty.com printed on the photo that makes it difficult to pick out the prick. But that's just me. He should sue. They shouldn't have the right to name stamp his dick like that. But when ya throw it to the rest of the world, I suppose anyone can screw with it. I always have thought they were kinda cute. NO BIG DEAL, to be sure, but funny things, flaccid or not.
SURE IS GOOD to hear from the ladies here.

Anonymous said...

I am not all that worried about his dick. He has bad judgement so probably not someone I would vote for.

Anonymous said...

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