March 30, 2002

Gah. I'm still pissed off - I just saw a pic of Preznit Primate pouting in his highchair at the pig farm with a big plaque on the wall behind him reading "The Western White House". How dare that dipwad, that unelected idiot, try to associate Bunnypants Bunker with such a symbol as the White House??? Arrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Stuff I did today:
1. Planted sweet pea seeds outside
2. Pruned back most of the butterfly bushes
3. Found the deer skull, but it was in pretty bad shape.
4. Repaired the bird feeder that the bear had squished.

*The real title of the opening pic = "All Ears, Chimpanzee", © Tom Brakefield

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