March 28, 2002

Japan Seals Tomb on Mystery Bones, Suspected Remnants of Grisly War Experiments

Yuck. Government officials laid flowers at a tomb Wednesday then sealed it on hundreds of human bone fragments, hoping to bury the debate on World War II human experiments by the Imperial Army. Some researchers believe the shattered skulls and thigh bones are the remains of nearly 100 prisoners of war who died in germ warfare experiments conducted by the Imperial Army's shadowy Unit 731 in northern China.

The bone fragments, some of which bore knife marks, bullet holes and drilling abrasions, immediately drew suspicion after they were unearthed in 1989 at the site of the wartime army's medical school.

The school was believed to have controlled the notorious Unit 731, based in Harbin, China, which historians and former unit members say injected prisoners of war with typhus, cholera and other diseases for biological war research.
Researchers say at least 3,000 people died of injections, human vivisection and induced gangrene in experiments or were executed later to keep them from talking. Most were Chinese but there also were Russians, Koreans and Mongolians.

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Be a Patriotic Porn Reviewer for the Pentagon!

From "Frankly, TSG has never thought of itself as armed forces material. Until, of course, we learned about the Department of Defense's Resale Activities Board of Review, a posting for which we are both highly qualified and eager to serve. The board was established as a result of the Military Honor and Decency Act of 1996, which prohibited the sale or rental of sexually explicit material on DoD facilities. So how does Donald Rumsfeld & Co. determine what gets banished? That's the job of the Resale Activities Board, members of which meet at the Pentagon to review stacks of potentially objectionable publications and videos. The board then produces separate lists of what can and cannot be sold/rented (for example, our boys in Afghanistan will not be able to find a copy of "Shaved Orientails"). What follows are seven pages of DoD lists of outlawed material and four pages of stuff deemed not to be sexually explicit. (11 pages) "

Sorry to say our men & women in uniform will NOT be receiving "Juggs", "Jock Collector", and "Anal Action" any time soon, but maybe the new issue of 'True Stories: the Romance Edition' will make up for it.

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