March 29, 2002



The deer carcass is no more! Damn thing has finally been stripped, and all that's left are a few bones scattered around. Can't find the skull, though - I'm pretty pissed that something or someone dragged the head away. The rib cage is still in one piece...if I line it with moss it might make a nice planter.

The rest of the little buggers (the live deer) are eating my crocuses!!! I go out to yell at them and they just stare at me. What am I, a salad bar?

The zebra finches pitched that egg I saw last week. Must not have been fertile. One thing about zeebies, tho - they're always trying.

The cat is licking his balls.

speaking of assholes...

More BS from the Arbusto Oil Administration (plus Oprah tells the Unelected Idiot to F*ck Off**)

"I like to assure my fellow citizens that we don't seek revenge, we seek justice," the Warring Wonderchimp told a Dallas gathering Thursday, taking a break from his Easter vacation at his Texas ranch. "And it's important for the young in America to understand that when we went into Afghanistan, we went in not as conquerors, but as liberators."

What utter crap. Well, on second thought, his handlers are probably right: on the pretext of getting 'the evil one" (dead or alive, goldarnit!), "we" went in as as 'crusaders' to to 'liberate' some oil.

**Read it all at The Chicago Trib

Today in History

1638 Swedish colonists settled in present-day Delaware. The date the bikini team followed is not known.
1867 the British Parliament passed the North America Act to create the Dominion of Canada.
1979 Committee on Assassinations Report issued by US House of Representatives stating JFK assassination was result of conspiracy.
1984 Following the US allegation that Soviet chemical weapons - yellow fungal toxins called trichothecenes - had caused at least 10,000 deaths in Laos, Cambodia and Afghanistan, biologists from Harvard and Yale announced on this day that the death-bearing yellow rains were massive simultaneous defecation by colonies of Southeast Asian honeybees, which left '100 or more spots of yellowish faeces per square metre.' The trichothecenes were produced either by fungi spread after the bees had eaten fungus-contaminated food; or by fungi growing on the bee droppings.
(- - YahooNews,, ForteanTimes)

Reconstructing the tomb of Christ

For Christians, it's the epicenter of the ultimate mystery: the place where Jesus was laid to rest after the crucifixion. High-tech tools and fresh archaeological insights have sharpened scientists' view of the prime religious real estate at Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulcher, favored by centuries of tradition.

Oxford Professor Martin Biddle conducted the most exhaustive modern study of the Holy Sepulcher site during the 1990s. With the aid of thermal imaging and snake-around mini-cameras, he reconstructed virtual models of the successive shrines that were built at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher over the site of the purported tomb.

Biddle found that each version of the Edicule, or "little house," was built around the previous version, like a series of nested dolls. Moreover, the analysis showed that the heart of a rock-cut tomb - a chiseled couch where the body would be laid - could have survived Constantine's fourth-century excavations, the church's destruction in the year 1009 and the rebuildings over the centuries.

When Constantine ordered the removal of a Roman-era temple in the year 325, revealing the Holy Sepulcher tomb buried beneath, the historian Eusebius remarked that the site provided "clear and visible proof of the wonders of which that spot had once been the scene." That led Biddle to speculate that some sign might still exist, perhaps inscribed in the living stone beneath layers of marble and mortar.

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LOL - Former Washington, D.C. Mayor, Marion Barry got in trouble this week after a mysterious white powder was found in his car. Mysterious? I think the only thing mysterious is using the word mysterious in this story. (Kilborn)

Momentum growing for inquiry into "oddities" of September 11:

In January 2000, Bob Gipson of El Dorado County, California, wrote his congressman expressing his fear that the U.S. government would orchestrate a terrorist attack on "certain" U.S. cities and blame the attacks on "Islamic terrorists." Gipson told Rep. John T. Doolittle (R-Ca) he thought the "operation" would be a platform for declaring martial law in the U.S.

When the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks occurred on September 11, 2001, Gipson had a sickening feeling this was the event he feared.

Gipson is among a growing number of Americans who doubt the official U.S. story of what happened September 11. More than 9,000 people have signed an on-line petition asking the U.S. Senate to investigate the "oddities" surrounding the attacks

Questioning the events surrounding September 11 is a burgeoning interest on the Internet. Independent researchers are providing information that throws in doubt the U.S. government's official story about the September 11 attacks. Mainstream media in the U.S. has side-stepped reporting or investigating these issues. the whole thing at Online Journal.

Update: the Clueless Cowpie is dividing his time between fund-raising and vacationing at 'Compound W' as the Middle East explodes.

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