May 29, 2002

To truly love another, you must first love yourself. And it wouldn't kill you to wash your hands in between either.

Fineman Pithed by Aliens!!

Must've been one hell of an anal probe.

Why the holy horsepuck Whoreward Fineman is anybody's 'chief political correspondent and nooze analyst' is beyond me. Maybe he's hoping for a PR position under Karl "the walking douchebag" Rove after they fix the next election. 'Chief political whorespondent' is more like it.

Here's what the syncophantic, propaganda-spewing toady had to say in his most recent screed:

"President Bush is vastly popular and, based on what we know, blameless for failing to anticipate 9/11. When the guy at the top isn’t in danger, that takes the drama out of the proceedings. Americans hate traditional political infighting, and view a wider probe of the Bush administration as an attempt at headline grabbing and payback."

Who the f*ck has he been talking to, bushmoonies?? What "Americans"?? He goes on:

"A quarter of the country (staunch Democrats, mostly) think he was elected illegitimately and is too eager to serve the needs of the rich. But most everyone else (including some Democrats) thinks he’s a straight-shooter and, more important, a rare and precious type to have found his way into the Oval Office: a regular guy with regular guy values and instincts."

WTF?? Is pmsNBC/Noozeweak turning into Tiger Beat? Did Fineman fall on his head?? Did he have to change his panties after writing that crap??? Will he make MWO's "Whore of the Week"?! Arrrrgggghhhhh..

Justice Dept Pithed by Aliens!!

Surprise, surprise: The "Justice" Department said Tuesday it found no credible evidence that any Florida residents were intentionally denied their right to vote in the state that handed Chimpy the Boil-faced Bonghead his victory in the 2000 presidential election.

"While the Civil Rights Division discovered evidence of significant confusion and delay in the three counties, there were relatively few voters who actually did not vote because of these problems," wrote Assistant Attorney General Ralph Boyd.

He said the small number "doesn't reasonably cast any doubt on 'president' Bush's several hundred vote margin of victory in Florida."

You know, some days I just feel completely numb. - - read more of the article here.

Most of Country Pithed by Aliens!!

Here are some quotes from the George W Bush Defender's Handbook:

January - September 2001: OK, he's stupid, but at least he's not Bill Clinton.

September 2001 - April 2002: OK, he's stupid, but how dare you criticize our Commander In Chief during wartime, you unpatriotic, treasonous, Jane Fonda-loving, communist asshole! That's outrageous! Pathetic! You're giving aid and comfort to the enemy!

May 2002: OK, he's stupid, but the FBI let him down! He didn't know anything! It's Clinton's fault! And you better shut up and crawl back into your hole because the terrorists are coming again! Not if but when!

At least we all agree he's stupid. That's bad enough. But the people with brains surrounding George apparently think the rest of us are just as dumb as he is. - - John Monty at

Gene Lyons Kicks Butt:

An administration that came to power on uncounted ballots now argues that a public inquiry might tempt politicians to seek partisan advantage. Very well then, let them try. Answering legitimate questions is precisely what the democratic process, a bit like the adversarial process in a courtroom, was designed to do. While emotionally appealing, the idea that we should be above politics is an argument for monarchy -- an attempt to avoid scrutiny and accountability by an administration which insists upon strict performance standards for welfare recipients, schoolteachers and the nation's fourth graders.

Only the mood of craven power-worship among Washington pundits and the rabbit-like timidity of congressional Democrats makes something so elementary worth saying. Another truism: people who lie usually have something to hide.

'Beyond Embarrassment'

That's it, I quit! I cannot believe what's going on. Now, I was under the impression that the "adults were in charge." The news of the last few days has been so mortifying and so humiliating that I cannot believe that anybody, Republican or Democrat can stand behind George W. Bush without making faces behind his back.

Before anything else happens, would somebody please tell that little twerp that Condi Rice and Colin Powell are not the only black folks in the world? When talking with Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Baby Bush, God bless him asked, "Do you have blacks too?" How, how, how did this guy get out of grade school let alone get to be president? Oh no, don't give me the "corrupt Supreme Court" thing again. I'm sorry, but in order to elevate this level of stupidity and ignorance to the highest office in the country you need more than a corrupt court! This is the equivalent of putting an infant behind the wheel of a car and thinking that buckling baby's seatbelt will prevent an accident! And of course the American media has "missed" this particular story but the rest of the world hasn't. Not only did thousands of them protest against Bush and his policies during his visit to "Yurp," now they're also laughing their Old World butts off at him. And us.

We know that you knew more than you're letting on about 9/11. We saw you just sit there in an elementary class that day doing nothing for around 25 crucial minutes between the first and second attack on the twin towers. Knowing what you knew. You just sat there with that dumb look on your face. The same dumb look that we've become accustomed to. The same dumb look that the rest of the world sees every time you get asked a tough question.

- - W. David Jenkins III, at America Held Hostile.

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