August 14, 2002

The Corporate Cowpie , speaking with a 'noticeably heavy Texas folksiness,' * replied that 'what caught my attention was all this business about confidence.' ?? He said one way to give investors confidence is to show them the government is serious about corporate fraud by putting criminal CEOs in handcuffs. Unless they work for Enron. Or Halliburton. Or the Carlyle Group.

But, he added, 'Confidence is more than just government enforcing the law. Confidence is an industry policing itself.' Uh huh - that might work.

'I can assure that even though I won't be sitting through every single moment of the seminars - nor will the vice president - we will look at the summaries,' Bush told one working group. 'Well, once Aunt Condo puts 'em in comic-book format for me, anyway.'

Cheney sat mostly in silence during his visits to sessions on trade, technology, small business and education. 'I don't propose to make any remarks,' he said at one point. 'That would mean I'd actually have to be awake and paying attention to you idiots.' - From here, more or less.

"Have you noticed how the backdrops get larger and more prominent and Jr seems to be slowly shrinking in relation to the background? Hopefully, he'll disappear altogether one day." - wellhungchad2000 at the yahoo message boards.

"Our 'Blithering Idiot' in chief spoke and the market tumbled over 200 points. One woman has the nerve to question his handling of medicare and is told to "take it easy Grandma". Dumbya has never run a successful business, How did anyone think he would be able to run the U.S. Govt? Kinda Tough? This boy has never had a tough day in his well fed little life." - by: maru657 (a totally different maru, BTW) at the yahoo message boards.

*I guess he thinks it'll make him appear like 'one of the people,' instead of like the rich, elite, lazy advantaged do-nothing he actually is.

"The whole forum looks as if it was put together solely and exclusively by his political advisers." - Bruce Bartlett, conservative economist at the National Center for Policy Analysis.

""Yes, well," a visibly relieved Mr. Bush said, jumping up after an exhausting 18 minutes in 'Economic Recovery and Job Creation,' "that's the life of the president. Always has to go." He thanked all the 'good folks' for 'putting on a great show.' Like his dad, W. reads his stage directions. It was a 'Message, I care'P.R. pageant, so why not just say so?" - Maureen Dowd, in the NY Times.

"President Bush said today that he was optimistic about the long-term health of the beleaguered American economy as he heard from a selection of 240 carefully chosen guests who praised his policies at an economic forum created to showcase his concerns." - Reprinted from the NY Times.

"Karl Rove, the president's chief political adviser, said after the forum that he was 'not aware' that the White House had supplied the participants talking points, but "that's not to say there weren't any." - ditto

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