August 12, 2002

Or is it FU?

"It's true we don't like Saddam, the whole world doesn't like him, but how haughty and conceited can Bush be by threatening Iraq?" - Nasser Ali al-Suleiman, Saudi civil servant.

"Everybody knows that George W. Bush holds a personal grudge against Saddam Hussein and wants to take revenge. Both men don't care about the people of this region, and it is the people will be the first to suffer in any conflict." - Hussein al-Ahmad, Saudi businessman.

"Striking Iraq on the pretext that it jeopardizes stability in the Gulf does not wash. No one is buying this any more." - editorial in Qatar's Asharq newspaper. - From Yahoo News.

It looks like WTF had some visitors from Finland, Australia, Denmark, and Pakistan this past week. Were they here for the news, or were they just looking for bald Traficant photos? I hate not knowing. À votre prochaine visite, écrivez une message, s'il vous plait! That's about as close as I can get to being bilingual today, and I probably just called some nice reader a prostitute. Merde alors.

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