October 16, 2002

Anti War Rage Spilling Through Media Blackout
From David Cogswell's HeadBlast:

"There is, however, anti war sentiment bubbling up in the land, overflowing its boundaries. The silence in the media about the demonstrations of antiwar sentiment is so pervasive it is startling. The stillness is colossal. It is striking how completely the major media black out these events that are so topical, that are of major significance even if only from the standpoint that they are an aspect of war, which is one of the most significant of all human events, the breakdown of civilization, of all law and civility.

[...] "Antiwar energy is circulating like a bolt of lightning through the body politic via the macro nervous system of telecommunications and the Internet. Now people who have anguished in solitude about the hijacking of America by oil pirates are starting to meet each other on the street. Their virtual allies whom they have encountered on the Internet are appearing to them in the flesh. The potential power latent in that vast antiwar population is enough to make any nuclear explosion seem microscopic in comparison. The Bush puppeteers are well aware of all of this, but no one, not even they can predict how this will play out. The future is being created by our actions now.

"So make some noise! Don't let your so-called representatives get away with whoring for special interests instead of representing you and the vast majority who opposes this stupid, dishonorable war. It is time to create an alternative future to what Bush and the oil thugs have in mind for us."

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