October 18, 2002

Hi, I'm Dick Cheney, and I'm above the law.

A federal judge yesterday ordered the Bush administration to turn over key documents about its energy task force for a second time, while government lawyers gave notice that they plan to take their case to an appeals court before complying.

"You have to produce the non-privileged documents and assert the [executive] privilege for those that are," Judge Sullivan told the WH criminals' attorney Coffin. "You refuse to assert the privilege and won't respond to court orders."

When Coffin said government attorneys might need even more time because "we haven't done a document review of the office of the vice president," Sullivan interrupted.

"That is a startling revelation!" the judge said twice. "How can you be asserting this is privileged information if you haven't looked at it?"

"We haven't completed the review," Coffin said. "We've done enough to know our arguments" are correct, he said. "I misspoke."

"How could you misspeak on something as significant as that?" Sullivan shot back.

Joining in, Larry Klayman, chairman of Judicial Watch, said, "He made a plain statement, and now he's backing off it because it's bad press."

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