November 22, 2002

So's your ol' man!
Defence Minister John McCallum bluntly told George W. Bush yesterday to stop lecturing Canada about increased defence spending after the U.S. president urged the federal government and the NATO allies to boost their military budgets to confront new international threats from terrorism and rogue states.

A senior Canadian official, who asked not to be identified, called Mr. Bush "a moron" because of his efforts to push the war against Iraq to the top of NATO's agenda. The summit was to focus on expansion and moderation of the alliance, but Mr. Bush has used his clout to make Iraq the dominant issue at the meeting. (link).

Later: Canada has declined to comment on reports a senior Canadian official at the NATO summit in Prague has referred to US President George W Bush as a moron.

Newspaper The National Post says a top Canadian official has expressed frustration President Bush seems more keen on building up moral support for a possible assault on Iraq, rather than concentrating on NATO expansion - the official focus of the summit. (link).

And later still, The National Post and newspapers from the nationwide Sun chain said the official had expressed frustration that Bush seemed more keen on building up moral support for a possible assault on Iraq rather than focusing on NATO expansion.

"What a moron," the papers quoted Chretien's communications director Francoise Ducros as telling reporters on Wednesday evening in Prague.

"He (Bush) is a friend of mine, he is not a moron at all," said Chretien. "But a dumbass? Mais oui!" (link).

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