February 26, 2003

CBS, White House in Dispute Over Saddam Interview
The White House criticized CBS television today over what Ari 'the Liar' Fleischer said was a spurned offer to rebut comments by Saddam Hussein during an interview to be broadcast this evening.

"This seems odd they wouldn't let the White House have a voice," White House spokes-tool and serial liar Ari Fleischer lied.

He said the White House had offered a representative to counter what he said would be propaganda, lies and irresponsible statements by George W Bush Saddam in the interview, but Ari lied and said CBS replied it was interested only if pReznit Poopypants made the response himself.

When they were through laughing their asses off at the very thought of Squinty McStupid appearing on the program, CBS rejected the charge and said it remained open to providing a forum for a top Bush administration official to respond to Saddam on the air. - link.

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