February 26, 2003

Great moments in television, part 2
Gore Vidal: ...We know nothing. You missed the point to my little book which was I was setting up some of the charges that could be brought against George W. Bush when he comes to be impeached by the House of Representatives. He swore on oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States. He swore that as all presidents do. Well the United States is we, the people and Congress assembled. We were not protected at 9/11. He was warned by everybody from Mossad to President Putin in advance. We have stacks of warnings that came in.

Fu Tucker the chicken, totally defeated: OK. Unfortunately. I'm sorry, Mr. Vidal we going to have to end it. We are completely out of time.


James Carville: According to oil industry executives and confidential United States records, Halliburton held stakes in two firms that signed contracts to sell more than $73 million in oil production equipment and spare parts to Iraq while Cheney was chairman and chief executive officer of the Dallas-based company. Two former senior executives of Halliburton subsidiaries say that, as far as they knew, there was no policy against doing business with Iraq.

Now why in the hell can't I drink a glass of French wine and Dick Cheney can make $73 million in dealing with Iraq? How does that make sense?

Dave Bossie, stupendous dumbass and president of 'Citizens United': I don't really think it has anything to do with our boycott.

James Carville: It doesn't? So, wait, we're supposed to be - we have a national boycott in place against Iraq. They circumvent it and do $73 million worth of business, and you're telling me I'm a bad American because I drink French wine?
...spanked!! - link to transcript of Crossfire.

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