February 21, 2003

"If you're talking about bringing democracy to the Iraqi people, this administration doesn't even like us to have it here." - Janeane Garofalo.

Great moments in television, cont.
Who watched Ms Garofalo and later Vic Kamber kick Tucker's pasty, clueless ass on Crossfire the other night? I've been listening to him and other rightwing blowhards disparage "Hollywood celebrities" for their opinions on the upcoming War for Oil and Larger Genitalia for weeks now. But something...strange happened yesterday: I was carpooling to a computer course with a repug coworker, listening to the sanctimonious Bill Bennett being interviewed on Fox and Friends on the radio, when I heard him say he was going to LA to get some celebrities to speak out for war. I almost peed my pants.

Repug strategist Alex Castellanos: I think the president suffers from several disadvantages. One is the Democratic candidates are out there now. They're launching their campaigns, they're raising their special interest money, they're attacking the president. Meanwhile, he's busy leading and protecting the country.

Paul Begala: How's that working out so far?

The French remember all too well
Molly Ivins writes, "George Will saw fit to include in his latest Newsweek column this joke: 'How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris? No one knows, it's never been tried.' That was certainly amusing. One million, four hundred thousand French soldiers were killed during World War I. As a result, there weren't many Frenchmen left to fight in World War II. Nevertheless, 100,000 French soldiers lost their lives trying to stop Hitler. On behalf of every one of those 100,000 men, I would like to thank Mr. Will for his clever joke. They were out-manned, out-gunned, out-generaled and, above all, out-tanked. They got slaughtered, but they stood and they fought. Ha-ha, how funny... And for eighteen months after that execrable defeat, the United States of America continued to have cordial diplomatic relations with Nazi Germany" - link.
- and Grandpa Bush was getting rich financing them.

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