March 28, 2003

Anti-democracy dimwits
'Ladies and gentlemen, we are at war. This is no time to be undermining the ideals on which this country was founded and for which so much blood has been spilled. We should be demonstrating our support for democratic rights instead of spitting all over them. Yet these right-wing dolts keep spewing their misguided, anti-democratic garbage on radio and television shows, giving aid and sustenance to Saddam Hussein. What could please this tyrant more than seeing Americans demand that dissent be stifled - thus making our country more like his?

'Really, could these simpletons be more out of touch with American values? These are the same anti-democratic dimwits who cheered the rollback of civil liberties in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks. If they like the suppression of fundamental American freedoms so much, why don't they go live in a country where such freedoms aren't allowed?' - snipped from Joan Ryan's column, here.

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