May 28, 2003

"Geraldo Rivera is marrying for the fifth time, and this time he says he's found the right person - someone who's never heard of Geraldo Rivera." - Conan O'Brien.


  • Still can't get at my template.
  • More rain in the forecast today. Even the slugs are growing mold. My garden is so behind schedule. The peas are doing well, though. Mmmmmmm, peas....
  • Looks as though Tigger lost the litter. : ( The good news is she and Spewie are working hard to replace it.

    Straight over a cliff
    Arianna Huffington's suggestion to the spineless Democrats: take off the damn tutus and put on jockstraps, you f*cking pussies.

    '"I a little bit disagree with Chairman Roberts on that."

    'That was Sen. Jay Rockefeller, the senior Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, sorta not taking exception to committee chairman Pat Roberts' assertion that we've turned the corner on keeping the peace in Iraq.

    'But it could just as easily serve as the motto for the whole Democratic Party. They are so paralyzed by the fear of doing or saying the wrong thing that they've rendered themselves utterly impotent when it comes to mounting any kind of challenge to president Bush on the two most important issues of the day: tax cuts and Iraq.

    'Exhibit A comes from Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, who, when asked on Meet the Press why the Democrats didn't offer a bold alternative to the Bush tax cut plan, including the repeal of the 2001 cuts and a guaranteed balanced budget, timorously explained: "Well, we - you got to take it one step at a time."

    'Is this an AA meeting?' - Yeah, Asshole Apologists. My garden slugs have more spine. More here.

    "Please don't hurt me, Karl!
    I'll be good, I promise!"

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