May 28, 2003

Who lied about the WMDs?
"The failure so far to find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the prime justification for an immediate invasion, or definitive links between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda has raised serious questions about the quality of American intelligence and even dark hints that the data may have been manipulated to support a pre-emptive war."

Duh - ya think?????

"These are critical issues that require thorough review not only by the CIA, but also by high-level oversight bodies in the administration and Congress. Bush should ask the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, headed by Brent Scowcroft, to assess the record on Iraq, and the Congressional intelligence committees should conduct their own reviews. When Bush and Powell repeatedly assured the world that Iraq's unconventional weapons were a threat to international security, they relied on America's intelligence agencies. The country needs to know if the spy organizations were right or wrong."

- Pissants. It's like banging your head against a brick wall. From the NY Times, via

Who lied about the WMDs? Part 2:
Donald 'Warboner' Rumsfeld suggested publicly for the first time on Tuesday that Iraq might have destroyed its suspected chemical and biological weapons before the start of the Iraq war.

Senior American generals in Iraq and even president Bush have raised this possibility in recent weeks, but until today Mr. Rumsfeld had not offered this as one of the possible explanations why Iraq did not use those weapons or why special military teams had not yet found any that president Bush cited as a reason for attacking Iraq and toppling Saddam Hussein's government.
The NY Times says the fact that Rumsfeld even raised the possibility that Iraq's suspected weapons were destroyed raises new questions about the intelligence Resident Evil and his handlers got before the war. Excuse me, but what a crock of crappola. Are they trying to Gaslight us? Anyone who had any kind of internet connection knew before the war started the intelligence people were saying the Bushies were way off base with the WMD claims. And what about all those documents Powell used to bolster his case to the UN? They were proven to be false before the war started, and still the misadministration went ahead with their plans to invade.

Yes, there's a question here, but it's not about the quality of our intelligence, unless you're talking about the lack of it in the typical pithed bushmoonie/media whore. It's about why the misadministration lied to us, our servicemen, and the world, and why they were able to get away with it.

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