May 29, 2003

Ohio students to be fingerprinted
This is how it starts.

Holy Orwell! 'Akron students will be fingerprinted beginning this fall to identify them in school lunch lines.

'School board members voted 5-2 Tuesday to spend $700,000 on a controversial, modernized cafeteria system. Board members Rebecca Heimbaugh and Mary Stormer voted "no," mirroring the concerns of parents about the cost and privacy issue involved with fingerprinting students. "I do not believe that any parent or any student has ever had the expectation that in order to go through the lunch line or to buy a cookie or carton of milk that they or their children would be requested to first be fingerprinted," said Heimbaugh.

'Students' fingerprints will be put into a scanner that will make a template of binary numbers corresponding with the unique swirls and arches of each print. When students go through the lunch line, they will place their finger on a scanner that will identify them.

'School board members received numerous phone calls and e-mails from parents with privacy concerns about their children being fingerprinted. Those opposed to the system will have the option of having their children use an identification card.' - from here, via

Good afternoon, students. On the lunch menu today: Soylent Green....

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