May 29, 2003

Stroke me, stroke me
'DeLay's story keeps changing. And his proximity to three separate investigations - two of them potentially criminal - keeps getting closer and closer.'

Josh Marshall writes that back in the old days 'if a House majority leader was directly involved in a scandal that triggered a potentially criminal investigation at one cabinet department, an administrative review at another, and a grand jury investigation in his home state, he'd be in some trouble. Members of the opposition party might even push to get to the bottom of it. Luckily for Tom DeLay, though, times change.'

The Dems are all nutless. WTF is Joe Biden's problem?? Even Nancy Pelosi, who actually showed some promise at the beginning, has turned into a major, flaming, enabling asshat. This is manna from Heaven, dropped into their laps, and still they do nothing. And don't get me started on Tom 'Isadora' Daschle, who doesn't even have the sack to be a diva, for petessake.

"Oooooh, Mr DeLay,
I love your new riding crop! ...giggle!..."

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