May 31, 2003

Questions swirl about dubious intelligence, weapons, troop deaths
Bush aides fear tumult in Iraq rising.

Some of president Bush's top advisers now fear the war in Iraq is becoming a political, diplomatic and military mess, instead of being the centerpiece of the president's re-election campaign that they had hoped for.

"The postwar period in Iraq is messy," said one senior official, speaking on the condition of anonymity. "We haven't found what we said we'd find there, and there are unpleasant questions about assumptions we made and intelligence we had.

"If many more months go by and our troops are still there, the Iraqis are still fighting each other and us and we still haven't found any WMD (weapons of mass destruction), there will be hell to pay," the official added.

U.S. troops in Iraq are becoming the targets of anger and ambushes instead of being greeted as liberators, as some Pentagon officials had expected.

"Mission Accomplished," huh? Fucktards.

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