May 31, 2003

Bush, Blair face heat on Iraq weapons
Pressure Mounting on Bush and Blair As Weapons Hunters Find No Unconventional Arms in Iraq

"The greatest lie told by statesmen in recent years." - the leading French daily Le Monde.

From ABC News - Senior politicians on both sides of the Atlantic want answers to what is becoming the most asked question since major combat ended in Iraq: Where are the unconventional weapons the coalition said it went to war to destroy?

pResident Bush lied said this weekend that weapons had already been found. As evidence, though, he pointed to two suspected biological laboratories [Ed.: two rusted, empty trailers] which both the Pentagon and U.S. weapons hunters have said do not constitute arms.

For a war fought without the backing of the international community, evidence of the weapons Iraq claimed it no longer had would bolster U.S. credibility around the world.

Now that 11 weeks have passed without such proof, international pressure is mounting on Bush and his coalition partners. The Pentagon is sending a new group of weapons hunters to Iraq to try to plant some expand the search beginning on Monday.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who visited Iraq this week, said he's certain unconventional weapons will be discovered eventually. But even as he and the president express confidence, members of Bush's Cabinet are offering up alternative theories that have drawn deep concerns both at home and abroad.


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