October 28, 2003

The misadministration's presstitutes
Asleep at the wheel, or sleeping with Karl?

  • 'I think these forces have unbalanced the relationship between this White House and the press. Frankly, even if we had tried it in LBJ's time, we wouldn't have gotten away with the kind of press conference President Bush conducted on the eve of the invasion of Iraq -- the one that even the President admitted was wholly scripted, with reporters raising their hands and posing so as to appear spontaneous. Matt Taibbi wrote in The New York Press at the time that it was like a mini-Alamo for American journalism. I'd say it was more a collective Jonestown-like suicide. At least the defenders of the Alamo put up a fight.' - - Bill Moyers, in a BuzzFlash interview.

  • 'In Europe, on two out of three occasions, fascist governments came to power in the 20th century using the established democratic process. Through street violence and physical threats, and, just as importantly, through radio and newspaper propaganda, they rode to power on a wave of ugly emotions. They also needed the silence of good people who knew better. There are similarities.' - - Ed Bishop, St Louis Journalism Review.

  • 'Look at this White House press corps; it's just abdicated all responsibility.'

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