April 29, 2004

Democrats to Kerry: Jebus, stop being such a #ucking pussy
"Bring it on; that’s the John Kerry we want to see.”

Then they show him how it's done:

“I think it was worse than McCarthy[ism]. McCarthy was mentally ill. This guy [Cheney] is sane, but the smirk on his face really bothered me.” - Rep. Bob Matsui.

“As far as we know, Senator Kerry got three Purple Hearts for risking his life in Vietnam, and pResident Bush got a dental examination in Alabama.” - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

"When those who didn't serve attack the heroism of those who did, I find it particularly offensive. We know who the chicken hawks are. They talk tough on national defense and military issues and cast aspersions on others. When it was their turn to serve where were they? AWOL, that's where they were...The lead chickenhawk against Sen. Kerry [is] the vice president of the United States, Vice President Cheney. He was in Missouri this week claiming that Sen. Kerry was not up to the job of protecting this nation. What nerve. Where was Dick Cheney when that war was going on?" - Sen. Frank Lautenberg, from the Senate floor yesterday.

Max Cleland lets WH whore Wolf Blitzer have it with both barrels:

Wolf: Your friend, Senator McCain, a Republican, also a Vietnam veteran, says you know what? Let's have a cease-fire on this whole debate. It's ugly. It's history. What the president did during his service in the Texas Air National Guard, what the Democratic candidate did after he returned from Vietnam, let's move on. Is that sound advice from Senator McCain?

Former Senator Max Cleland: I think it's sound advice. And like I say, he ought to know because they came after him first. They came after me secondly and they are going after John Kerry third. This is ridiculous.

We ought to be talking about just like John McCain said, the kids that are dying in Iraq. Are they dying from weapons of mass destruction? No. There are none there. Are they dying for a nuclear weapons program that Dick Cheney said a couple of years ago were there? No. Are they dying for connections with al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden? No.

What are they dying for, oil? I don't know. We have got 730, 740 kids out there dead now and about 3,600 wounded and 13,000 evacuated from the theater and more killed today. Now, the question is, why? Now, this president did not go to Vietnam. He didn't learn the lesson that, in this country, you take this country to war only when you have to, as John Kerry says, not when you want to. And finally you go to war with your allies so there's somebody to help you pick up the pieces afterwards.

Wolf: But are you now bringing up the president's decision not to volunteer to go serve in Vietnam as an issue that should be front and center in this campaign?

Senator Cleland: Absolutely. If you going to be commander and chief and you are going to start a war and you are going to start a war on false pretenses with false evidence, you are accountable.

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